About Land Exchanges

Why use Western Land Group

Knowledge and experience conducting public land exchanges. Land exchanges are complex, time consuming and expensive processes. As an experienced third party facilitator, we provide our clients with sufficient information upon which to make an informed business decisions regarding a land exchange or other public lands-related transactions.

Working closely with the client, we:

Educate a proponent on the issues and process of public land exchanges;

Outline the relevant technical, environmental and political factors;

Identify the expectations and stumbling blocks of the proposal;

Present a budget and timetable for carrying out the exchange; and,

Determine the probability that the exchange can be successfully completed.

Capacity to manage the project.

As a third party facilitator who has developed in-depth expertise in managing the exchange process, Western Land Group can judge the multiple and time consuming tasks associated with processing an exchange. Experience in planning and implementing public information programs; working with elected officials; reviewing appraisals and surveys; identifying and resolving technical encumbrances; arranging for, and in some cases drafting environmental assessments; and closing real estate transactions are all tasks that require expertise.

Close working relationships with applicable agencies

A general decline in Federal funding has resulted in a decrease in staff and resources available to process exchanges. Many costs and functions previously undertaken by the agency have fallen to exchange proponents. Western Land Group has cultivated close working relationships with these governmental agencies at all levels and throughout the western United States. Having done so, WLG is in a position to insure the exchange process is carried out in a fair and timely manner.